catering / private dining


Thank you for considering Osso & Kristalla for your special occasion. We are available for private and semi-private events and our dedicated private dining coordinator is on-hand to assist in carefully planning your special occasion.


Downtown Patio: 44 Seated, 70 Reception – The Downtown Patio is completely private and is sure to impress any guest. With stunning views of downtown, large umbrellas and four televisions, the space is perfect for a birthday celebration or Astros watch party!

The Bar: 45 Seated, 65 Reception – The Bar provides a lively semi-private space, perfect for any social gathering. The space showcases two large televisions, bar and table seating and can easily transform to meet any need. The Bar and Downtown Patio can be combined for larger parties.

Main Dining: 70 Seated, 85 Reception – The Main Dining space feels very open with plenty of dining options and is perfect for a larger gathering or reception. Views into the open kitchen provides an exciting atmosphere for guests.

Buy-Out: 150 Seated, 225 Reception  Enjoy the entire restaurant as your own personal event venue. Based on limited availability, we offer the possibility of exclusive use of the restaurant and attention of our staff, scheduled a minimum of 30 days in advance.


We are your Italian Catering partner in Houston, Texas. To place a Catering Order, please visit our Catering Partner website using the button below. There is a $100 Order Minimum required for delivery. We do not have an Order Minimum for Pick-Up Orders. Please call the restaurant directly to place Pick-Up Catering Orders at 713.221.6666.

From birthday parties to family gatherings to multi-course dinners, we are ready to cater any occasion, thanks to our team of passionate and talented chefs. We’ll take care of every last detail, so all you have to do is pick up a fork and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.